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            Chinese car to greet " ten golden years" parts can borrow blowout

            China Automobile Industry Association 22 days to divulge, comprehensive Chinese main car enterprises future marketing plan, to 2015 China automobile production is expected to reach 23000000 to 31000000, and the next few years will maintain high speed to rise situation.

            Reportedly, 2011, Chinese automobile industry will begin to implement the twelfth five year development plan, the overall goal is to emphasize the Chinese automobile power change. During, Chinese car market, the scale of production and marketing will also be further expanded. Expert analysis says : a surge in car market will be the birth of a huge parts industry market.

            Core technology: to seize the Chinese parts big cake prerequisites

            China has become a global automotive industry is restructuring catalyst. Global economic center moved eastward, will bring great changes to many industries. China surpassed the United States as the biggest car big country of the first consumption and third production big country, global companies are targeting China this huge, inviting cake. In order to under the new situation of the competition advantage, the only way is to promote our country's private parts enterprises grasp the core technology.

            " Although China has more than 5000 parts production enterprises, but the actual master advanced technology do not have a few, but most are only for the production of core components of the enterprise." The automotive industry professionals Ge Hanxing said, the car by the tens of thousands of parts, components of the technical level of a direct impact on the whole technical content, but the present our country independent brand automobile's most parts mainly rely on imports. This does not include the technical requirements of the higher engine, chassis, transmission and other automobile performance important assembly. This also means that, even our own vehicle brand core parts cake is also foreign companies relentless occupy.

            More matchless car network survey data show: in the car the main critical systems and components, of foreign capital control in China more than 70% of the market share, some products for almost all foreign monopoly. The vast majority of Chinese auto parts enterprises are concentrated in the technology content, the low level of profits of the lower end, prices are almost the only means of competition of Chinese enterprises become.

            For China auto parts enterprises predicament, there is an analysis of the industry pointed out, China auto parts in industrial catenary low end is the fundamental reason for the lack of core technology. According to statistics, in the automotive, engine, gearbox and other key areas, foreign capital control market share has high amounts to 90%, and the vast majority of Chinese auto parts enterprises are concentrated in the technology content, the low level of profits of the lower end, prices are almost the only means of competition of Chinese Enterprises become.

            Asia's largest clean by using a diesel engine manufacturer Ouyide power group president Xu Hengwu said: "the Chinese auto parts enterprises to win the market, it is necessary to master the advanced core technology." Capital University of Economics and Business School of business and management, He Xuwu also expressed this view sympathetic, he thinks, from at present the automobile industry overall situation, only from a " factory " mode of production, we will meet the vehicle power of the first condition, is to master the core technology of intellectual property rights.

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