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            Parts enterprises must seek diversified development

            The parts business practitioners, whether it is new or veteran sales market, will think that the channel is the king of sales.

            At present, there are many parts enterprises are dependent on sources of growth. Many attempt to expand channels strength but finally the enterprise of deficit to give our inspiration is the channels to become our core competitiveness. Therefore, the author thinks, we can rely on but not excessive dependence on the channel.

            The development of enterprises, and not the legs. When we will hope and responsibility are mainly depend on one leg of the time, it is difficult to beg in competition first machine. Cite a simple example but worth thinking, when we will have limited branding resources are converted into channel promotion, and attempts through strong channel thrust to win the market, waiting for our products is often more flow pressure in channels: the block, even into the market after may also sell do not move the cruel reality.

            Therefore, enterprises should understand the channel is only a way of enterprise development. In the channel, and the brand, consumer attention, service and communication etc.. That is to say we have second legs, third legs. Of course, everything, every leg of Qi, in the marketing behavior is not feasible; do not know and make full use of their own to create a strong but also can achieve a breakthrough.

            In fact, once the parts industry competition increasingly upgrading or step to fully competitive era, system and system and more and more important role. Successful parts enterprises, most of them have been or are being stepped up to the era of competition. We can according to heavy channel development, but we must keep the pit too mentality. Obviously, have been and are dependent on the channel growth for auto parts enterprises have this.

            Finally, I want to remind those who have passed the rely heavily on channel achieved initial success auto parts enterprise: each to a successful stage, actually came to a turning point -- is a continuation of the previous model, or focus on a more long-term, more successful, timely do respond to future change? This choice, significant.

            At the same time also to remind those who are or were going on in through the channels to obtain a breakthrough parts enterprises: we can through a channel to balance and restriction of another channel through multiple channels, can do to avoid the single channel operation risk, can rival channel is very weak, take seriously adequately and play on access to growth, but we can't bring it to channel as its own unique core competitiveness, to rely on the.

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